Camp Fees

Fees:  $30.00 per day per child.

Additional Children: $25.00 per day for each additional child per family.

Camp Hours: 8:45 - 5:30

Fees include box lunch and one snack.

Camp Policies

Children must be three years old or over to attend the camp.

Meals and Snacks
Box or bag lunches and one snack will be provided each day. If your child has special dietary needs please let us know in advance.

Hearing Impaired and Deaf Accomodations
We can accomodate hearing impaired and deaf children. Sign language interpreters will be provided at the camp and on the field trips.

Hours of Operation
Camp hours are 8:45 - 5:30. We ask that you do not bring your child before opening time. We also ask that you pick your child up at the 5:30 closing time. We appreciate your cooperation in respecting our camp hours.

Camp Counselors
Our camp counselors may be offering after hours  babysitting services  on an indivudual basis. Arrangments can be made by speaking with them directly. These arrangments have no connection with the Kids' Liberty Camp.

Video Access
Video view of the common areas will be availble by phone app or computer for the registered parents or guardians of registered children.

Sign In and Pick-Up Policy
We will require sigining in and out. Only designated people registered in adavance to pick up your child will be allowed to remove a child from the camp, and only after showing an ID and signing the child out.

Payments and Refunds
Each registered family will be contacted starting the last week in March 2018, to confirm attendance. The payment page will be open at that time.
Paid and non-paid cancellations can be emailed to

Paid cancellations received after June 1, will be refunded within 30 days after the convention. Please help us to plan ahead by notifying us at your earliest convenience if your family will not be attending.

We cannot dispense medications at the camp. If your child requires medications, please make arrangments to come to the camp and give them the medication.

If you child has special medical needs, we need to know this in advance. Unfortunatly, our insurance covereage also revents up from attending children with mobility issues, or children on any form of life-supporting medical device.

Service Policy
We reserve the right to refuse service to any child or family for any reason. All per-day fees will be retained any time a child has attended camp that day no matter how long they remain at the camp. If a child does not return to the camp, any fees for remaining days the child does not attend will be refunded.

Children who are overly disruptive or who harm other children will be removed from the camp, no fees will be refunded. Parents will be asked to pick up children immediatly if a child is removed.





Camp Tips

  • Campers should bring a pillow and small blanket.
  • Video view of the commons area will be accessible by app on your phone or computer.


Fun, Fun, Fun...

  • Movies, and activities are being planned.
  • Cultural events will be announced as we add them to the schedule. Activities  may include music, shell decorating, second lines and a visit from Mardi Gras Indians.
  • We welcome fun snack donations. No nuts please.
  • If your child has a birthday during camp, let us know in advance so we can celebrate accordingly.
  • To learn more about our planned field trips, visit our field trip page.